Artie Yentumi

Artie has been involved with Space Coast tennis for the past few years and continues to grow and establish his tennis program at The Palmer Inn and Tennis Club. Artie graduated with a degree in Aviation Management and played varsity college tennis at the Florida Institute of Technology. The rigor and determination it takes to train and compete successfully at the top collegiate level is integrated in his coaching. Informational communication with individuals is another aspect he uses to help his clients move forward through his personal experiences with technology, fitness, and/or mental exercise. In addition, he has instructed high-performance tennis camps in St. Louis. A variety of personal experiences within the tennis realm has instilled the core principles of his coaching style (i.e., integrity, self-discipline, leadership, sportsmanship, and teamwork). During his so far 10-year coaching career, he has had the opportunity and honor to collaborate with some of the premier student-athletes and coaches. His first serious connection into the tennis world was with the World Team Tennis’Aces as their ball boy manager in the summer of 2009 hired by the then head coach of the Aces, Roger Follmer.

Once Roger Follmer became the head coach of men’s tennis at Washington University in St. Louis, Artie became involved in his intensive, high fitness camps. He continued to develop his teaching techniques and fitness routines with top-level juniors training for the Missouri Valley “Super” Tournament. Off the tennis court Artie was head of the physical conditioning, which included his own fitness training consisting of dynamic stretching, endurance and agility exercises, as well as core strength training. Off court, mental strategies were analyzed during camp seminars where technical factors of the game were discussed (e.g., racket/ball physics, technique and mental endurance). Finally, he has brought forth business fundamentals learned through his management degree, which he brings to his coaching and clientele in general (e.g., accountability by self and co-workers, cooperation by everyone involved in collegiate athletics, accommodating individual needs for class time conflicts, giving individual instruction for further player development, and representing the program with the utmost integrity at all times). Artie currently coaches and continues to flourish his self-made program at the Palmer Inn and Tennis club.

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